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WA Big Pro-Gun Rally At Capitol Ignored By Media
There were television news cameras on hand for Olympia’s Saturday Second Amendment rally, but no television reporters, and the later newscasts ran far shorter than reports devoted to an anti-gun student protest in Seattle. Print reporters for the Seattle Times, Daily Olympian, Liberty Park Press and TheGunMag.com were on hand, however. Coupled with the student protest was the launch of yet...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    MI Beaver & Otter Trapping Extended
    Beaver and otter trapping seasons in the Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower Peninsula have been extended by two weeks through April 30 for trappers who already have traps set for those species. The change, involving beaver and otter Units A and B, will allow trappers more time to retrieve their traps and any beaver or otter they may have caught. Heavy snowfall over the past several weeks, along with frozen water...

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  • Texas Boy Killed Crossing Street During Anti-Gun Walkout
  • Delta CEO Claims Bashing NRA Members Is Good Business
  • Yeti Coolers Cuts Ties With NRA Foundation

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