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WI Constitutional Carry On The Move
After gaining traction in several states last legislative session, permitless carry is now picking up steam in Wisconsin. Earlier this week, a Senate committee voted along party lines to pass SB 169, which removes the licensing requirement for those who want to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense. The National Rifle Association is strongly supporting the measure. The bill was introduced earlier...

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  • Hornady Support For Sportsmen’s Alliance Hits $100,000
  • Cabela's Ladies' Day Out Offers Archery, Hunting Safety Classes
  • WI DNR Shutting Down Fishing, Hunting Apps After Glitches
  • WI Suicide Prevention Bill Would Let People Ban Selves From Guns
  • Indiana 3-Foot Crocodile Caught In Hancock County Creek
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    CA Fate Of 3 Anti-Gun Bills Lies With Governor
    California lawmakers are relentless in their quest to quash every last gun right in the state. On Monday, the following anti-gun bills passed the legislature and now sit on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for signing. Assembly Bill 7 would prohibit the open carry of an unloaded long gun in a public place or street within an unincorporated portion of a county. Assembly Bill 424 would remove the authority of a school district...

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  • Gun Stocks Surge Amid Report Of Plans To Ease Export Rules
  • Zinke Order Will Expand Hunting, Fishing Opportunities
  • WI Constitutional Carry Up For Senate Committee Vote
  • RI Bill To Expand Gun Seizures In Domestic Violence Cases
  • NSSF, ATF, US Attorney, LEOs: Don’t Lie For The Other Guy
  • CA Muzzle Loaders Test Their Shooting Skills For Charity
  • IN Reporter Finds Police-Issued 9mm At Busy Intersection
  • ATF Rules "AutoGlove" Trigger Puller Is A Machine Gun

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