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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
Kansas Constitutional Carry Advances
The Senate endorsed legislation Wednesday allowing Kansas adults to carry concealed handguns without obtaining a state license or participating in a firearms safety course. Enacting the bill sponsored by 26 of the Senate’s 40 members would amend state law guaranteeing the right of people to openly carry firearms without a permit to include a right to...

  • PA Judge Rules Against Harrisburg Gun Ordinances
  • NV Bill Extends Castle Doctrine To Vehicles
  • MI Bill To Overhaul Carry Permit Process
  • NM Pair Of Anti-Sportsmen Bills Up For Hearing
  • NE Mountain Lion Hunting Ban To Be Heard
  • WY Bill Lets Schools Decide On Concealed Carry
  • TX Amarillo Open Carry Rally This Weekend
  • NJ Charges Dropped Against Man With Flintlock Pistol
  • HSUS Declares Maine Bear Hunting A Target
  • FL 3 Leprosy Cases, Armadillos May Be To Blame
  • This Day In America's History
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    PA Cities Making Changes To Comply
    With State Gun Law

    A growing number of midstate municipalities are revising weapons-related ordinances due to a new state law that makes it easier for them to be sued by gun rights advocates. So far, at least six midstate communities have or are planning to change local ordinances regulating guns, and others are giving their laws a close look. Statewide, more...

  • High Court Weighs Right To Sell Pre-Felony Guns
  • AZ Senator Acts To Remove Obsolete Weapons Bans
  • MI House Dems Propose Universal Background Check
  • ATF Moving To Ban Common Rifle Ammo
  • OR Democrat Confirms Amnesty Danger To Gun Rights
  • FedEx And UPS Refuse To Ship Digital Mills
  • DOJ Concedes Zimmerman Had Right To Shoot
  • NSSF Website Now Available In Spanish
  • DE Bailiffs Statewide Disarmed After "Prank"
  • Glock Add-On Increases First Trigger Pull Weight

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    Lawsuit aims to bust Philadelphia 'ghost teachers'
    A lawsuit filed in Philadelphia County Court is taking aim at the practice of using so-called "ghost teachers" to work for the local teachers union...

    Obama says immigrants should be 'gathering up their papers' in town hall appearance
    Obama said illegal immigrants who would be eligible for protection from deportation under his recent, disputed executive orders should ...

    Donation to Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state violated ethics agreement
    The Clinton Foundation was on the defensive Wednesday after disclosing that it had accepted millions of dollars from several foreign governments...

    California Dems push to repeal 'welfare queen' law
    California Democrats are trying to reverse a decades-old state law that bars families from getting extra welfare money for having an additional...

    McConnell faces conservative backlash over compromise to fund DHS, Dems get on board
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell faced a backlash Wednesday from conservatives after backing off demands that Congress reverse...

    Late drama as FCC preps for vote on Internet regs

    Report names ISIS militant shown in grisly videos

    NASA craft's images show bright spot on dwarf planet

    Researchers find safest place to hide in the US

    Iran hangs Obama in effigy despute ongoing nuclear talks with US

    Conservative Views

    Alabama Governor Throws Judge Roy Moore Under the Bus – Succumbs to Federal Tyranny

    Iran Gets Bomb In ‘Phased’ Obama Nuke Deal

    Obama-Nominated Judge- New Illegal Immigrants Must Be Released

    Obama administration seeks to block judge's immigration ruling

    Obama says Republican Ideas Don't Work and Republicans Don't Care about the Middle Class

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    Angels' Hamilton meets with MLB on disciplinary issue

    Report: Broncos seeking to rework QB Peyton Manning's contract

    No. 1 Kentucky improves to 28-0 after beating Mississippi St.

    Mavericks suspend Rondo one game after exchange with Carlisle

    Danica Patrick's team issued warning for Daytona rules infraction