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NY 105 Remington Jobs Moving To Alabama
One hundred and five people will be laid off at Remington Arms in Ilion, Sen. James Seward's office confirmed this afternoon. The layoffs are part of the gun maker's plans to move two assembly lines to Alabama, which was announced in May, Seward's office said. In May, the president of United Mine Workers Local 717 said about 80 people would be laid...

  • MO Ferguson Teaches About The Second Amendment
  • NC Residents Fire Back At Harnett Gun Ordinance
  • KS Hays Commission Bans Open-Carry In City Buildings
  • CA Law Would Keep Gun Owners From Talking To Doctors
  • NY Anti-Gun Mayor Charged With Bribery
  • Sisters In Arms vs Anti-Gun Moms
  • CA Compton School Police Authorized To Carry AR-15s
  • NJ Six Flags Apologizes For Gun Shirt Error
  • Ted Nugent Ammo Maker Donates To Cuomo ???
  • This Day In America's History
  • Write Your Representative

    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    MO Ferguson Store Owners Take Up Arms
    What appears to have been lost in the past week’s violence is that all of this unrest was precipitated by two things. First, there was a strong-arm robbery, captured on security cameras, allegedly committed by 18-year-old Michael Brown. Then there was Brown walking up the middle of a street and getting involved in some sort of confrontation with officer...

  • Ferguson Business Owners Take Up Arms After 'Cops Bail'
  • MO Conversation Captured At Ferguson Shooting
  • Mapping The Spread Of Military Surplus Gear
  • Police Departments Weigh In On Use Of Military Gear
  • AL Record-Breaking 1,000-Pound-Plus Gator Bagged
  • Anti-Gun Moms Ask Kroger To Ban Guns
  • CO Accused Poacher Identified As Olympic Athlete
  • HuffPo Reporter Mistakes Earplugs For Rubber Bullets
  • Florida Woman Attacked With Jar Of Jelly
  • 10/22 Pocket Rifle (Video)

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    Conservatives challenging military-style police
    A split is emerging among conservative commentators and politicians, some of whom are troubled by the way local police departments have bulked up ...

    White House won't reveal documents related to ObamaCare website security
    The White House has rejected a request to publicly disclose documents relating to the kinds of security software and computer systems behind the ...

    Westerners fear monumental land grab by Obama administration
    Utah officials are scrambling to prevent the Obama administration from locking down thousands of acres of land in their backyard, as federal...

    Tom DeLay calls Texas Gov. Rick Perry's indictment a conspiracy
    Perry was indicted Friday by the grand jury of Travis County, a Democratic-leaning district that includes the city of Austin, for allegedly abusing...

    Obama says Syria's declared chemical weapons stockpile eliminated
    President Barack Obama on Monday said the elimination of Syria's declared chemical weapons stockpile is an important achievement against the spread...

    Obama should condemn violence in Ferguson
    Obama should have gone further in condemning the violence. 

    Two teens charged in attack on Philadelphia park ranger

    Westerners fear monumental land grab by Obama administration under preservation law

    Conservative Views

    On Ferguson National Guard Deployment- Another Whopper from President ‘Know-Nothing’

    Pregnant Woman Attacked Knockout Game Cited

    Dershowitz- Perry Indictment 'What Happens in Totalitarian Societies'

    Networks Continue to Hype Perry Indictment, Ignore Prominent Liberals Defending Him

    Paying People to Vote Proposed in Los Angeles

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    Back from surgery, Newton leads Panthers over Chiefs

    Off DL, Cuddyer hits for cycle; Rockies take two from Reds

    Gordon parlays final restart into his third Sprint Cup win of year

    AP preseason poll: Defending champ Florida State lead NCAA top 25

    Mo'ne Davis becomes 6th girl with a hit in Little League World Series