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MI Late Summer Elk Season Successful
Forty-three of the 50 Michigan hunters who were fortunate to get an elk license bagged a big animal during the late summer season. The Department of Natural Resources says 15 bull elk and 28 antlerless elk were killed. How popular is the elk hunt? The DNR says only 100 of 36,000 applicants were selected through a lottery. Dale Grelewicz of Twin Lakes in the Upper Peninsula got a bull elk with his wife at his...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    CA 40,000 Letters Ask Gov Brown To Veto SB 707
    The gun control bill would prohibit gun owners issued a license by their local police chief or sheriff after passing a strict, fingerprint-based background check and agency-approved training course from carrying handguns for self-defense on California school grounds. It would also subject those with a carry permit to harsh new criminal liability for merely possessing a single round of ammunition on the grounds...

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