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The Second Amendment Guarantee Act
The Second Amendment Guarantee Act, introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), would ban most of NJ's gun control laws. Drafted for people living in states like New Jersey, the Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA) would prevent states from being able to ban any weapons that are legal under Federal Law. “This legislation would protect the Second Amendment rights of New...

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  • CA Lawsuit Holds DOJ Responsible For Misuse Of Gun Funds
  • MA Long Gun Sales Tumble One Year After Copycat Ban
  • Eddie Eagle Soars To New Heights: 30 Million Children Reached
  • John Lott: Donald Trump Protects Gun Owners' Rights
  • The American Rifleman Ladies Pistol Project
  • Young And Female — The Changing Face Of Hunting In America
  • Houston’s Gordy & Sons Outfitters, World’s Fanciest Gun Store?
  • FL Five Time Felon's Duct Tape Holster Examined
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    Iowa Dove Season Just Around The Corner
    Are you ready for this one? The first hunting season is just around the corner, like on Sept. 1. It seems like just yesterday that we were looking forward to the walleye opener. Yup, dove season is just around the corner, and it’s time to begin making plans. This will be the sixth dove season since the dove hunting season was approved in 2011. The first thing I would recommend is getting in a little target practice.

  • Minnesota Prepares For Early Goose Season
  • West Virginia, Wisconsin Reach Concealed-Carry Agreement
  • Kansas Youth Outdoor Festival Draws A Crowd
  • GA Authorities To Investigate Possible Theft From Gun Buyback
  • Georgia State Representative Named NRA Defender Of Freedom
  • Suppressor Industry Works With ATF To Reduce Wait Time
  • KY Gun Stolen From Middle School Teacher's Purse
  • Colt vs Smith & Wesson: Classic Debate Among Revolvers
  • TX Police Warn Thug Protesters: 'Gun Owners Can Shoot You'

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