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MS Passage Of 90% Constitutional Carry
Appears Likely

After a rocky start, Mississippi appears ready to pass a 90% constitutional carry bill. Bickering among second amendment supporters seemed to doom constitutional carry in the state early this year. Hard feelings were ignited between longtime legislative supporters of the second amendment, and serious, unfounded allegations were tossed about. But it appears that those supporting...

  • AZ Senate To Consider Carry In Government Buildings
  • VA McAuliffe Signs Bill That Could Close PETA Shelter
  • CA Hunters In South Work Together To Host Youth Event
  • Heller Foundation Raising Funds For Machine Gun Lawsuit
  • ND Senate Votes Down Bill To Arm School Staff Members
  • AZ Man's Firearms Confiscated Based On Neighbor Complaint
  • TN Some Restaurants Post 'No Guns' Near NRA Nashville 2015
  • Anti-Gun Politician Compares Police To ISIS
  • Gunsmiths Can Improve A Shooting Experience
  • How Much Do Finger Placement & Ready Position Matter?
  • Range Bag Must Have Items
  • This Day In America's History
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    San Diego Permit Process In Federal Court
    A U.S. appeals court agreed on Thursday to reconsider a ruling in which a three-judge panel last year struck down a requirement by San Diego County that residents show "good cause" to carry a concealed firearm. In a brief order, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in San Francisco, said an 11-judge panel would take another look at whether San Diego County's restrictions amounted to an unconstitutional...

  • CA Circuit Court Rehearing May-Issue Cases
  • TX House Panel OKs Open Carry, Will Wait On Campus Carry
  • Vermont Senate Moves Gun Bill To House For Consideration
  • MS Purse-Packing Gun Law Passes The House
  • IA Pro-Gun Rally Set For April 18 At State Capitol
  • MS Lamar County Sheriff To Offer Firearm Novice Course
  • New Project ChildSafe Video: Talking To Kids About Gun Safety
  • DC Rookie Firefighter Arrested On Gun Charge
  • Congressman Urges Ammo Ban: "Deer Don't Wear Kevlar"

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